Best Roblox Promo Codes For Free Items, Robux [February 2021]

Grab a huge discount while purchasing Robux on Roblox using updated Roblox Promo Codes for Robux. Robux is necessary when you want to play some premium stuff from the Roblox store.

Roblox promo codes can offer you some free items as well as discounts when purchasing Robux. We’ve tried to cover all types of promo codes in this article. In fact, we’ve listed some free items that you can claim in the game and that doesn’t even require a promo code. So, hang in here and grab some amazing discounts, items on the Roblox game for free.

But, if you’re smart enough, you should be looking for some Roblox promo codes for Robux. Many promo codes or coupon codes are available which can be used to get some extra discount when purchasing Robux on the Roblox website. Not only for purchasing some best Roblox maps, but Robux can be used to purchase some other items from the store.

roblox promo codes for robux

However, we would like to let you know that it’s not that easy to get free Robux. They do run the discount promos but only during some festive season. That’s the reason that you should stop finding some Robux promo codes online. The reason is straightforward that you can’t get free Robux.

The only thing that you can get on Roblox is some little discount on existing Robux purchases. Those discounts are either provided for promotional purposes or provided during the festival seasons. Our team of Roblox players has created a list of Roblox promo codes that you should use right now to get free stuff on Roblox and a little discount when purchasing Roblox.

Newest and Latest Roblox Promo Codes For Events Items

We’ll add some of the newest and latest promo codes for items that are exclusively available during the sale on Roblox. These items can only be claimed during the events and are exclusively available to all the Roblox players for free.

NEW: Shield Of The Sentinel

If you’re playing the Beat the Scammers game, you can claim the Shield Of the Sentinel for free. There’s no promo code for this item, all you need to do is simply play the game, answer the 10 questions and the item will be added to the inventory.

Item Preview:

Shield Of The Sentinel roblox

New: Prime Gaming Wyrm Skeleton

This offer is only available for Amazon Prime members. If you’ve taken the membership of Amazon Prime, you can claim this item for free. Visit this link here and you’ll be given a disposable promo code. Use that code to claim this amazing skeleton cosmetic for free.

Prime Gaming Wyrm Skeleton

Latest Roblox Promo Codes For Free Items

Here are some of the latest and useful Roblox promo codes that you should use to get an amazing discount when purchasing Robux.

PreviewDescriptionPromo Code
Wintery Peacock Tail roblox promo codeWintery Peacock TailWALMARTMXTAIL2020
Fiery Fox Shoulder Pal RobloxFiery Fox Shoulder Pal RobloxTARGETFOX2020
Dapper Narwhal Shoulder Pal RobloxDapper Narwhal Shoulder PalAMAZONNARWHAL2020
roblox backpack promo codeCake Cup Item on RobloxGROWINGTOGETHER14
roblox backpack promo codeFree Crystalline Companion in this game: Island of MoveWorldAlive
Free Kinetic Staff in this game: Island of MoveDIY
roblox backpack promo codeToyru BackpackTOYRUBACKPACK2020
twitter roblox offer promo codeThe Bird Says Shoulder accessory can be redeemed using this promo code.TWEETROBLOX
roblox promo codes for robux free onlineBloxy Cola shoulder accessory is provided for free.SPIDERCOLA
build it backpack offer roblox promoIsland of Move game supports this offer code. You'll redeem an awesome Built it Backpack which looks pretty awesome.SettingTheStage
hustle cap promo on robloxThis promo code for Roblox is provided to promote Island of Move game. You can get free Hustle Hat item.StrikeAPose
roblox offer code speedy shadesSpeedy Shades are provided on the Island Of Move game.GetMoving
black headphone promo code robloxGood looking set of Headphone is provided for free.JOUECLUBHEADPHONES2020
roblox offer code speedy shadesCardio Cans for free in the map Island of Move.VictoryLap
Topaz Hummingbird Wings Roblox Promo CodeTopaz Hummingbird WingsARGOSWINGS2020

Always keep this in mind that most of the promo codes that allow users to claim some free items are limited to a specific map. So, when claiming one, do check the map in which awarded items can be accessed. Otherwise, you’ll end up claiming dozens of items but won’t be able to take advantage of them.

Active Roblox Promo Codes For Robux

Active promo codes are those which are new and open to everyone. We’ve seen a lot that some coupon codes are for new or existing customers only. But active coupon codes can be redeemed by everyone. It doesn’t matter how new/old the person’s account is.

Roblox active promo codes for Robux can really be useful for those who are continuously looking for some new items/offers. We’ve got something special for you in this section. Copy and paste the coupon code to take full advantage of the active promotions on Roblox.

Subscribe to monthly package and get 12% more Robux for free.Claim Here
Redeem a good looking Hood using this promo code.FASHIONFOX
Earn some shutter flyers using the promo code.THISFLEWUP
Love using beard in your character! use the promo code to get one.BEARYSTYLISH
Earn football gear using the promo.100YEARSOFNFL

Update: Get Banandolier On Roblox For Free

Unlock some new and exclusive items on Roblox if you’re subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. This offer is only applicable to Amazon Prime customers in selected locations. Visit this page on Amazon Prime to check if you’re applicable or not.

Even if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can use your friends or family member’s Amazon Prime account. Gamers have claimed that there are around 7-8 items that can be claimed using the Prime membership.

roblox new offer for banandolier

They’re also providing limited items to gamers if they purchase Roblox Robux Gift Card from Amazon account. This is pretty awesome as you can claim many interesting items that none of your friends have.

Once you’ve claimed the offer, visit and paste the provided coupon code. Then you’ll be able to redeem the offer. The items will be automatically added to your Roblox account. Remember that items can be claimed only once per account.

New: Wonder Woman Themed Game Received New Items

If you don’t know, there’s a new Wonder Women themed game on the Roblox games store. It received hugely positive feedback from Roblox gamers. We’ve come to know that they’ve added some new items to the map. All of them can be claimed for free. You can use these items to create your Roblox outfit. These items are exclusive and you should claim them ASAP.

roblox wonder women new update items

If you’ve been playing this game, make sure to claim all the new quests and new avatar items. It’s provided as a promotion for a limited time and will expire soon.

More: Free Items For New Roblox Players

New to Roblox! Don’t forget to claim the following free items.

Rthro Animation PackageAnimations/EmotesClaim Now
HelloAnimations/EmotesClaim Now
SaluteAnimations/EmotesClaim Now
StadiumAnimations/EmotesClaim Now
TiltAnimations/EmotesClaim Now
ShrugAnimations/EmotesClaim Now
Point2Animations/EmotesClaim Now
TrimHeadsClaim Now
BlockheadHeadsClaim Now
RoundyHeadsClaim Now
Jade Necklace with Shell PendantNeckClaim Now
EggphoneGearClaim Now
Orange ShadesFacesClaim Now
Stylish AviatorsFacesClaim Now
Classic Female - FaceFacesClaim Now
Classic Male - FaceFacesClaim Now
Winning SmileFacesClaim Now
Woman FaceFacesClaim Now
Man FaceFacesClaim Now
Knights of Redcliff: Paladin - FaceFacesClaim Now
SmileFacesClaim Now
Check ItFacesClaim Now
ChillFacesClaim Now
Silly FunFacesClaim Now
Brown HairHairClaim Now
Orange Beanie with Black HairHairClaim Now
Belle Of Belfast Long Red HairHairClaim Now
Cool Side ShaveHairClaim Now
Colorful BraidsHairClaim Now
Pal HairHairClaim Now
Blonde Spiked HairHairClaim Now
Straight Blonde HairHairClaim Now
True Blue HairHairClaim Now
Lavender UpdoHairClaim Now
Brown Charmer HairHairClaim Now
Black PonytailHairClaim Now
DennisBundlesClaim Now
LindseyBundlesClaim Now
KennethBundlesClaim Now
CindyBundlesClaim Now
JunkbotBundlesClaim Now
OliverBundlesClaim Now
SummerBundlesClaim Now
City Life WomanBundlesClaim Now
The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate QueenBundlesClaim Now
Squad Ghouls: Drop Dead TeddBundlesClaim Now
Knights of Redcliff: PaladinBundlesClaim Now
ROBLOX GirlBundlesClaim Now
WomanBundlesClaim Now
ManBundlesClaim Now
ROBLOX BoyBundlesClaim Now
ROBLOX GirlBundlesClaim Now

What is Roblox Promo Codes For Robux?

Robux is the currency in Roblox and it’s not free. Players need to purchase that in-game currency by paying some real money. With the help of Robux, one can purchase some awesome shirts, skins, maps, and more. It can help you a lot in increasing your assets in the game. Players in Roblox are crazy when it comes to skins and maps. They continuously want some new maps and skins etc. to keep the game interesting enough for them.

It’s usual in almost all other role-playing games. Almost all types of stores do provide promo codes to attract more and more customers. It’s a business practice and almost all types of businesses do this practice. As a customer, you should always take advantage of such offers and promo codes. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best Roblox promo codes here.

Roblox sells Robux on its website and what we hated the most is that they don’t run regular promotions and offers. Hence, it’s probably very rare that you’re gonna get a huge discount when purchasing the Robux in its store. However, a little 5-10% discount codes can rarely be seen using which one can claim discount during the checkout procedure.

How To Claim Roblox Promo Codes For Robux

If you’re new to the game and don’t know the process to redeem the promotion codes, let us help you with that. It’s pretty easy to do that using the Roblox website itself. You do need to have access to your account using which you want to redeem the code. Here’s the step by step procedure:

  1. Visit
  2. You’ll see the promo code redeem page, enter your promo code.
  3. Click on the Redeem button.
  4. Success/Error message will be displayed on the screen.

Why Promo Codes are Useful

Some people find promo codes useless. But the reality is that they’re pretty useful when done right. You can use some promo codes to get huge discounts on expensive items. Most companies are running offers and discounts that can be claimed when using promo codes. It’s a common business practice that is used to promote their business and to attract some more customers.

Some promo codes are sent vis E-Mail/SMS to existing customers. While some are publically provided to all the customers. On Roblox, using such offer codes is very useful because some items can be easily redeemed using a simple offer code.


We hope you’ve taken advantage of the Roblox promo codes for Robux. We’ve tried to provide working and most active promo codes in this article. If you’ve taken advantage of those promo codes, make sure to share it with your other Roblox friends.

We highly recommend you not to fall in the trap of unlimited free Robux type of videos and articles. We’re pretty sure that all of them are fake and don’t work at all. They’re just using cheap tricks to promote their advertisements. Beware of such websites as you’re only gonna lose your time.

If you have some valuable suggestions regarding this article or the website, please let us know in the comment section. We love to hear from our readers.


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