25+ Best Roblox Outfits For Free [For Boys & Girls]

Looking for the best Roblox outfits for your character? We’ve got something special for you. With dozens of free Roblox outfit ideas for boys and girls, you can have a great outfit for your character. Some cheap and discounted Roblox outfit ideas are also included.

Roblox outfits are very important for every Roblox player. It’s the look of their character and every gamer wants a great outfit for his character. Because of the fact that some items in the catalog store are very expensive, you’ll end up spending hundreds of Robux and still not getting impressive results. Hence, you should read our entire guide on creating and customizing the Roblox avatar/outfits for your character. We’ve done a lot of research and come up with these best Roblox outfits for boys and girls.

We all know that not all the items are free on the Roblox store. That’s why it’s very important to customize your character carefully. Not all players have plenty of Robux in their accounts. We’re here to help all those players who want to spend very little or no Robux but still want an impressive outfit for their character.

best roblox outfits for free for boys and girls

Before getting started, make sure you’ve imagined all the different themes in your mind regarding the outfit of the character. This is very important because you can do some little modifications to the outfit suggested by us to get great results.

Our team of experienced developers has a strong opinion on spending your Robux wisely when purchasing items from the catalog. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing Robux and not getting the impressive results. Your character is your identity, hence create your unique identity. We’ve tried to provide you the best possible outfit ideas in this article with all the necessary information. So, make sure to check out all the best Roblox outfits we’ve highlighted here.

But some tips before getting started:

  • Make all Colors Match: No one likes having an outfit with different colors. It looks so unrealistic and unprofessional. It’s not a must but if you want to make an identical outfit, make sure to use matching colors.
  • Use The Costume Feature: It’s a feature inside Roblox using which one can create different outfits and save them for future uses. It’s like you can have different clothes and you can wear them whenever you want to. Interesting feature!
  • Use R15 Animation Rig: It’s more realistic and your character movements look more natural. Many people find R15 better than R6.
  • Think about Your Outfit Theme: Customize your outfit as per the theme in your mind. Let’s assume you’re playing an RPG game, then you should consider nice looking outfit. But, if you’re playing FPS, you should consider an aggressive outfit. Just think about it.
  • Look for Clothes In Groups: Many talented people are animating and sharing some cool clothes on Groups. You can join such groups and unlock the opportunity to use them.
  • Look for Hats in Catalog: With thousands of designer hats, a catalog store on Roblox gives you the opportunity to use a hat as per your imagination. Choose wisely.

Best Roblox Outfits For Free

Note: Some of the items that we used here were listed for free in the sale event. Those items might not be available for free later on. In such a case, you can try other similar items on sale. Keep visiting our Roblox promo codes page where we share codes using which you can claim such items for free.

Let’s get started with some of the best free Roblox outfits:

1. Denim Jacket with Black Jeans

denim jacket free roblox outfit
Denim Outfit

It looks pretty cool right! You’ll be amazed to know that we’ve built this outfit with the help of some of the basic and free items in the Roblox catalog. This outfit costs 0 Robux and you can easily build the same outfit for free. We’ve used Denim Jacket and Black Jeans. The combination is very good and it looks great.

For hair, we’ve considered using Brown Charmer hair and Stylish Aviators to give avatar more cool look. This combination is nice as per our opinion. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Items Used:

2. Belle Girl

belle girl best roblox outfit for girl
Belle Girl

Another Roblox outfit for girl. Belle Girl wears Belle of Belfast hair which is a favorite of around 1 Million users on Roblox. This item is made by Roblox and is available for free on the avatar shop. Around 6 free items were used in this outfit. We’ve tried to match all the items with each other in the best possible way.

However, you can adjust the looks by adding your own shirts or pants into the outfit. Happy New Year Rat is a very interesting accessory that avatar carries on his/her shoulder. We highly recommend you to use it in your avatar.

Items Used:

3. The Simple Guy

the simple guy outfit on roblox
The Simple Guy

The simple guy is so simple that we’ve used some of the top free items available in the store. This suits best for those who are looking for simple outfits on Roblox. However, some items were also claimed during the sale. So, keep looking for the sales promo codes and offers to claim such great deals. For hair, we’ve used Pal Hair, this style looks great when used some simple and funky clothing.

With a simple smile on the face and Cosco’s Headphones, your character looks good from all the angels. It also gives you the unique look inside the game. Keep this in mind that some items were claimed during the sale on some Roblox events.

Items Used:

4. The Karate Boy

the karate guy outfit roblox

The Karate Boy is another best Roblox outfit for boys. We’ve used Its Free outfit in this outfit with some additional clothes and accessories. As per our team, this outfit suits best for FPS games or any other fighting based games. You can even use White Jeans which will add more crunch into the character.

Happy New Year rat shoulder accessory is added to the avatar. It’ll add more fun inside the game as the shoulder accessory will stay with you throughout the game.

Items Used:

5. Charming Dude

charming dude outfit on roblox
Charming Dude

Charming dude is the combination of a guy who looks pretty charming and formal at the same time. This combination looks as good as in-game as in real life. All the items used in this outfit are free and you can claim them in the Roblox catalog store for free.

Charming Dude comes with brown charmer hair. That’s a great combination when wearing some Tie and Suite Shirt outfit. With a simple smile face, you’ll fall in love with this best free Roblox outfit. Our team recommends you using some shades to give it a more cool look. But we’ll go with the charming and formal look.

Items Used:

6. Cool & Charming Outfit

cool and charming outfit roblox
Cool & Charming

Another great outfit, recommended by one of the RobloxGenius team members. This outfit is very simple yet good looking. We’ve used classic male face here to give it a gorgeous look. All the items can be claimed for free. We’ve used around five items to create this outfit.

Denim jacket with a white hoodie is a great combination. Black jeans look good with a white hoodie and white sneakers. That’s the combination that everyone would like to have in the game. If you want a girl character, just change the face to Classic Female Face as it looks awesome on female avatars as well.

Items Used:

7. Pilots War Girl

pilots war girl outfit
Pilots War Girl

In this outfit for the girl, we’ve used one of the famous pants known as General Pants Pilot Wars. At first, this outfit appears as if it’s loaded with patterns. But in reality, if you’ve learned to use these pants properly on your avatar, your avatar will look great. We’ve tried to do the same in Pilots War Girl outfit.

As you can clearly see in the preview image, the entire combination is just perfect. You don’t even need to add other accessories on the character’s body because General Pants itself is good enough. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Items Used:

8. Delivery Man

roblox delivery guy outfit
Delivery Guy

We all know there are many delivery jobs inside the games on Roblox. If you’re playing such a game then don’t forget to put on this outfit. It suits best on the avatars doing such work. It’s very simple yet does the simple trick of providing looks of delivery/pizza guy inside the game.

You’ll be amazed to know that we’ve only used one item when making this free Roblox outfit. That’s the Roblox Visor which is free. Interesting, isn’t it!

Items Used:

9. Calm Person

calm guy roblox outfit
Calm Person

Having a calm personality inside the Roblox game is totally optional. But you can at least give your avatar a calm looking outfit. It’s an interesting outfit that is made by the combination of four items from the Avatar store. We’ve tried to analyze and use all black clothing with a smiley face and a hat.

In addition to the character, we’ve used headphones. We’ve got these headphones during a sale on the Roblox. We always recommend our visitors to claim such free stuff from the sales events. many developers give such amazing items for free and most of these items are exclusive as well.

Items Used:

10. The Beanie Boy/Girl

beanie girl outfit on roblox
Beanie Outfit

Beanie caps look cute and it gives awesome look to the avatars on Roblox. We’ve built this best Roblox outfit by matching the beanie cap with all the other clothes. On Roblox avatar store, Beanie cap comes with black hairs by default. Creators have matched the cap perfectly with the cap.

We’re able to make the avatar look cute by using a penguin hoodie which is freely available. Hoodie matches perfectly with black jeans and white shoes. Enjoy this cute Roblox outfit without spending a single Robux.

Items Used:

11. Cool Studd

studd outfit on roblox
Cool Studd

Cool Studd is one of the best Roblox outfits for boys. Just look at the preview picture above. It looks healthy, smart, and study avatar. All your friends on Roblox will feel this outfit awesome and you’ll the first one having it. All the items used in this outfit is either free or claimed during the free sale on Roblox.

We’ve used free charmer hair with black jeans. For shades, we’ve used most commonly used stylish aviators with a hood. The combination matches just fine with the Check It facial expression and a free shirt on the store.

Items Used:

12. Motorcycle Guy

motorcycle guy roblox tshirt
Motorcycle Guy

This outfit is best suitable for those Roblox players who’ve been playing some sports/racing games. That’s because we’ve used a motorcycle T-Shirt when designing this outfit. Many Roblox games out there are based on racing and sports. Hence, this avatar suits best for such games.

Keep this in mind that the design of the Motorcycle T-Shirt may be different than what we’ve shown in the preview. The entire outfit is quite simple yet gives your avatar an aggressive look. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

Items Used:

13. The Charming Girl

the charming girl roblox outfit
The Charming Girl

This is one of the best Roblox outfits for girls. As you can see in the preview that this girl looks so active and charming. A winning smile facial expression gives this avatar a complete another winning look. We’ve combined the simple Roblox shirt with Jeans Short which matches the entire theme of the avatar.

Moreover, the entire look is further improved by using Orange Beanie with Back hair which we’ve used in many outfits. The entire combination gives birth to The Charming Girl outfit on Roblox. It’s specially designed to give your avatar a girlish look.

Items Used:

14. Hoodie Guy

hoodie guy outfit roblox
Hoodie Guy

Hoodie guys only wear a hoodie, of any type and size. There are plenty of free hoodies available on the Avatar Shop for free. But, unfortunately, some items that are available for free today might be paid tomorrow. That’s the reason that we don’t guarantee that all the items used in our best Roblox outfits collection are free. But at the time we’ve written this article, those items were free or were claimed during the sales event.

The outfit is itself very simple yet it leaves no fear and chills look. You can try some other hoodies with this outfit, we bet, it’ll look as great as it looks in the preview. We’ve minimized the number of items used in our outfits but you can use your own creativity.

Items Used:

15. Flowery Outfit

flowery guy outfit

The main item of Flowery Outfit is Cool Tux which is available for free on the Roblox avatar shop. If you’re attending a party on Roblox, you can prefer wearing this outfit to feel like a flowery guy at that party. A simple, clean, and charming face look great.

What do you think about this outfit? Let us know your suggestions in the comment section. We think it’s great for the parties.

Items Used:


It’s very important to design your outfit on the Roblox game. It’s your identity and it should be as unique as possible. But it doesn’t mean you’ll have to purchase some expensive items for that. All it needs is some research on the Avatar Store where you can find pretty interesting and designer items for free.

However, our team doesn’t assure the availability of all the items we used for free. That’s because some of the items are converted into paid items. Hence, you can use some other item or similar free item available on the store.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. You can comment down your outfit plan and we’ll happily add that to this article.


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