15+ Best Roblox Horror Games In 2021 [Single and Multiplayer Games]

Want to play some of the spookiest and horror games on Roblox? We’ve listed 15+ best Roblox horror games you can play right now for free. Roblox is all about fun games and there are dozens of spooky games that will give you a fright.

We all are always waiting for new and cool Roblox games throughout the year. Many different types of games are released each year on the platform. Horror games on Roblox are some of the most played ones. People want to feel scared and some players love to play such games that frighten them. We’ve previously shared a list of some of the best games on Roblox. And today, we’ll be discussing the best Roblox horror games.

The key feature of the list we’ve prepared is that most of the games are free to play. Such games suites best to play during the Halloween season. Always beware of the fact that such Horror games might have some scary visuals. If you’re not much into creepy and spooky games, then you shouldn’t play these games alone. Some multiplayer Horror games on Roblox are available which you can enjoy with your friends.

best roblox horror games

One of the best things about Roblox is that it has all types of games. The player can play them according to their mood swings. Sometimes, we want to feel scared, and that where some horror games can play a very important role. Developers of these games have tried their best to introduce some scary characters.

Some of the games do offer exclusive items that are provided through some promo codes. Such items can be really useful when playing the game as it gives little advantage in the gameplay. We also recommend you not to play too tense Roblox horror games. It might give you anxiety or you might feel stressed.

15 Best Roblox Horror Games

Here are some of the most played best Roblox horror games that you can play right away:

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Break In StoryPlay Now
Horror TycoonPlay Now
Alone In A Dark HousePlay Now
Horror TowerPlay Now
Horror ElevatorPlay Now
The Horror Mansion ClassicPlay Now
Horror PortalsPlay Now
Midnight HorrorsPlay Now
Eyes The Horror GamePlay Now
Horror HotelPlay Now
HalloweenPlay Now
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Among UsPlay Now
Hello Neighbor RP RoleplayPlay Now

Top Rated Scary and Horror Roblox Games

1. Break In Story

The Purge has begun and you’re under threat. Break In Story one of the best Roblox horror games we found so far. It’s not as spooky as you might think of but it’s indeed a great game to try out. We’re impressed by the graphics of this game. Objects placed in this game are nicely designed and gameplay becomes impressive with some great sound effects. If we talk about the overall experience of the map, it’s very impressive. Players have to perform many different tasks to progress. Hence, we can call it an RPG horror game.

break in story roblox horror game

The story of the game is in such a way that you’re the nice kid who’s doing some party with your friends inside your house. But things start getting spooky when someone tries to break into your house. Your only goal are to protect you and yourself from the bad people who’re trying to break into your house and hurt you and your friends.

Perform suggested tasks as quickly as possible so that bad people won’t be able to hurt any of you. There are many different types of objects and tools that a player needs to get his/her hands on. Those tools will help in fighting with the enemies trying to break into your house through different locations of your house.

2. Horror Tycoon

Build your own horror tycoon inside the game by unlocking some amazing stuff. The map of Horror Tycoon is itself very scary and background music makes it even scarier. The gameplay of Horror Tycoon is also very interesting. You’ve landed on an empty map with other players. Your very first goal should be eliminating the different players to make some money. The more people you eliminate, the more money you’ll make inside the game. We also recommend you to use some crazy usernames to scare your neighbor tycoons.

roblox horror tycoon gameplay

Furthermore, once you’ve enough money, you can then start building your house with different items. It’s really fun as there are many different types of weapons, walls, objects, and funny things available to build. YOu’ll be guided by the game itself to perform most of the important tasks. Every player will have his own tycoon where other players can’t enter. That’s the safe house and you need to focus on building your own.

Always make sure to keep some weapons along with you when leaving your safe house. Otherwise, other players on the map might try to hurt you and loot your stuff. The game is really fun and scary at the same time. It’s like living inside a map while dealing with every possible threat from your neighbors and building your tycoon at the same time.

3. Alone In A Dark House

Alone In A Dark House is another best Roblox horror game you might like. It’s a story mode Roblox game where you need to solve an important case. The case is related to the mysterious murder of a couple who were traveling using a car. The driver of that was not found at the mishap spot and you’ll be an undercover police detective trying to solve the things. When trying to solve the case, many different scary creatures will try to hurt you.

best roblox horror game so far

There’s a big dark house where all the clues are available. But, it’s not that easy to find all those clues to break this case. To perform tasks such as searching the entire house, turning on the electricity, etc. you need to look for clues. All those clues aren’t that easy to find and you’ll suffer a lot. That’s where the horror part of the game plays a vital role in giving you the scariest feelings.

This game is visited by around 37 Million people on Roblox. That’s a huge number and that shows how many people have played this game. We highly recommend you to try this horror game. It’ll be one of the best horror games you’ll play on Roblox so far.

4. Horror Tower

A Tower which is full of all the scariest creatures is indeed called a Horror Tower. Try not to scream when playing this game. Up to 24 players can join and play this puzzle sort of game with each other. That’s pretty interesting as you can help all of your friends to enjoy this game with you and solving the different puzzles with the help of each other.

roblox horror games to play

The tower has its own dark secrets and your only goal should be unlocking all those secrets. That can only be done by unlocking all the levels of that tower. Each level offers you a different type of challenge which isn’t very easy to pass. Throughout the journey, spooky sounds and creatures are trying to scare the hell out of you.

The tower itself is very big and it’s hard to remember all the locations inside of it. Hence, players who’re trying to perform tasks end up roaming different useless locations of the maps. So, it’s very much required to stay with your plans and always try to help each other for completing the tasks. This game is loved by almost 16K games and is visited by 2 million people since its launch.

5. Horror Elevator

Get yourself into the elevator and the elevator will take you to the different stories of the building where some of the scariest things will happen to you. You can play it with 10 players max and hence fun in this game is just unlimited. There’s nothing much to do inside the game. All you need is get into the elevator, the elevator will take you to a random level where many horrific things are waiting for you. That’s just awesome because you don’t even know what’s next.

best spooky games on roblox to play

Each level has its own countdown if you saved yourself from the ghost of that level. The elevator starts working back again and players are then taken to another different level where other scary things are waiting for you. This loop continues until you’re killed by the ghosts.

Haloween update is launched every single year and it’s very interesting to see such updates. We highly recommend you to try this out if you’re a fan of games where you just need to get chased by the ghosts. That’s why we’ve added this amazing game to our list. The game was launched back in 2014 and developers are still providing updates to this game.

6. The Horror Mansion Classic

In this game, dozens of different types of monsters are used to scare the hell out of the player. All the creates are very scary and players have to save him/her from all those monsters. In fact, this game might make you laugh because many funny monsters are also introduced in the game. Every monster has its own way to hurt the players inside the game. Hence, it’s better to keep running from all the scary and funny monsters.

the horror mansion gameplay

Survive as long as possible to keep up with the game. Once you die, you’ll be respawned into the game and some other monster will try to hurt you. The game was launched back in 2016 and is loved by almost 300K people. With more than 27 Million plays, it’s one of the most played games on the Roblox store.

Up to 14 players can join the lobby. This number isn’t very large but considering the map size of the game, it’s more than enough. Keep running from those horrible monsters and try to survive as long as possible. That’s all about this game. We found it pretty interesting and you should give it a try.

7. Horror Portals

With dark and scary maps, Horror Portals is indeed one of the best horror games you should try out. It’s loved by almost 100K people which is a great thing. It’s one of the latest horror games on Roblox. It was launched back in 2020 and creators are consistently adding more new stuff into the game.

Horror Portals game on roblox

The game is a kind of story-based mode where you and your friends were enjoying a party. But then they came to know that bad things happen during the nighttime. Soon after, they’re assigned some tasks, with some duration, if you and other players can complete those tasks in time, they’ll survive. Otherwise, some mysterious powers will take down your character. That’s the main concept of this game and it’s really fun to play.

But don’t think it’s as easy as it seems to play. Different tasks have their own difficulty levels. A lot of different obstacles are placed in such a way that you won’t be able to complete tasks on time. Different scary objects, characters, and sound effects will try their best to scare you.

8. Midnight Horrors

Midnight Horrors is another most played horror games on the Roblox store. It’s pretty hard enough to stay alive inside the game. Killers inside the maps keep chasing you in those dark streets. The visibility in those streets is very low and hence it’s very difficult to keep up with the struggle of staying alive.

best roblox horror games to play right away

Maps rotation and different types of special rounds spice up the things a little bit. The game was launched back in 2019 and developers will add many items to the game. New games usually get frequent updates and more interesting things after a short duration of time. That’s the reason that you should definitely try Midnight Horrors.

Up to 25 players can play this game at once. That’s because the map is really big and considering the number of killers inside the map, even 25 players kind it difficult to fight with those killers and stay alive. It’s your time to enjoy the game. Download it for free from the Roblox store.


Horror games are really fun and many people love to play them most often. Roblox provides you with a wide range of best horror games. We’ve tried different types of best Roblox horror games in this article. All those suggestions are based on the number of positive reviews people gave to different horror games available in the store.

We’ve even played some of them and we found it very interesting. If you think your collection and suggestions are way better than what we’ve recommended here, then feel free to drop a comment down below. We’ll add those suggestions to our list so that others can find those suggestions helpful.


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