21+ Best Roblox Games Of All Time In 2021 [RPG, FPS, and More]

What are the best Roblox games you can play in 2021? We’ve tried to answer this question here with some of the best games which are available on the Roblox store. You can play those games straight ahead. And the most interesting part of this list is that most of the games are free to play.

Greetings from the RobloxGenius team! Roblox is one of the greatest games ever made in the history of the gaming industry. With thousands of games available on its store, players find it difficult to choose one. That’s why we’ve created this list of best Roblox games. You can play these games for free with your friends and family members to chill around.

The developers of these games have used their creative stuff to make these games super interesting. You’ll never feel bored while playing these best Roblox games to play with friends. Most games added here are free to play and you don’t have to spend Robux to purchase them. Those games are totally free and fun to play.

best roblox games

Roblox is a pretty massive platform and not all the games are good for all age groups. That’s the reason that you should always choose a good game. A game that can deliver fun and skills at the same time. There’s no reason for playing some creepy stuff on Roblox. That’s not gonna add up to something in the player’s life.

The games that we added in this list consists of some racing games, RPGs, mission gameplay, and so on. Pretty interesting right! Players nowadays love to play racing, open world, puzzle, and RPG games. These types of games are very engaging and we feel entertained while playing such games. So, sit relax and go through our massive list of best Roblox games which you should consider playing.

Best Roblox Games Of All Time

Here are the best Roblox games:

Roblox GamePlay Now Link
Royale HighPlay Now
Retail TycoonPlay Now
Flee the FacilityPlay Now
Vehicle-SimulatorPlay Now
Sonic Eclipse OnlinePlay Now
Super DoomspirePlay Now
The PurgePlay Now
Phantom ForcesPlay Now
Pokemon Brick BronzePlay Now
M4A1 Bad Business 2.1Play Now
Patches JailbreakPlay Now
Midnight Racing TokyoPlay Now
Car Crushers 2Play Now
Ultimate Driving Westover IslandsPlay Now
ArsenalPlay Now
Doomspire BrickbattlePlay Now
Cross RoadsPlay Now
Welcome to BloxburgPlay Now
Super Nostalgia ZonePlay Now
Roblox UnoPlay Now
Boost VectorPlay Now
Vehicle SimulatorPlay Now
Full ThrottlePlay Now
Adventure StoryPlay Now
Meep CityPlay Now

How To Play These Games:

  • Make sure you’ve Roblox installed on your system.
  • Click on the Play Now link.
  • You’ll be taken to Roblox official website.
  • Click on the Play button and enjoy the game.
  • If the game is paid, purchase it, and then you’ll be able to play it.

Highest Rated, Most Played Best Roblox Games

1. Flee The Facility

Flee the facility is one of the most played games on Roblox. In the game, there are four survivors and one beast. As a survivor, one needs to find all the ways to get out of the facility. There are several things such as hacking into the computers, breaking the windows, doors, etc. that need to be done. Performing all these tasks will lead to escaping the facility. But it’s not that simple…

flee the facility game

Because as a beast, the player is supposed to stop survivors from performing all those tasks. Beast will be given a big hammer. Then grabbing them using a rope and capturing them. Once you capture a survivor, their health starts dropping and their health will vanish until a teammate saves them.

More than 5.7 million people added this game as their favorite and thousands of realtime daily active players. Only 5 players are allowed per game and it might be a tough time for you and your friends if the beast is pretty good at this game. So, grab your chips and energy drink and start playing this game with your friends.


2. Patches! Jailbreak

Police or Prisoner! A pretty tough decision to make when you play one of the best Roblox game Patches! Jailbreak. As a prisoner, your goal is to escape the prison and as a police officer, you know what to do right! This RPG is very interesting because as a prisoner, you have all the glorious opportunities to commit a crime in the city. You’ll be chased by a police officer who will try to arrest you and put you back in jail.

patches jailbreak game roblox

The concept of this game seems very common but the game itself is very interesting. You’re free to roam throughout the map as a prisoner and police officer. As a prisoner, you’ll have to commit a crime to make some money. Officers will only be paid when the catch a prisoner and put them in jail. Pretty interesting right!

There are a lot of opportunities for criminals. There are few secret bases inside the maps where one can find some useful weapons and armor. For more interesting stuff, you should probably rob some different stores, buildings, etc. Prisoners can even pickpocket the police officer to get the key card. Using that card, you have the ability to enter all types of buildings.

3. Arsenal

Arsenal is one of the most played FPS games on Roblox platform. With over 1.4 billion visits and millions of favorites to the game, it’s one of the top-rated games on the store. It’s free to play and the game is pretty much engaging. You’ll enjoy every part of the game and can play it with your beloved friends. The game has dozens of interesting weapons to choose from.

arsenal gameplay roblox

Some more cool things are added to the game. You can fly into the air by using some selective weapons. Developers have tried to make the game much interesting and it seems like they’ve done their best job. Multiple modes to choose from, fun weapons, multiple characters, and more.

This game was launched back in 2015 and till now, it has over 30K+ real-time active users on daily basis. It’s a dope number because people still found this game engaging. That’s why it deserved this list of best Roblox games. Developers are also pushing out updates on a regular basis to engage more and more players.

4. Adopt Me

Are you fond of taking care of babies! Well, Roblox offered you the job of a babysitter. It sounds very funny but the game is more fun. You can choose a baby character or can work as a parent. Both the characters are very interesting. Choose wisely between Kid or Parent because later on, you’ll have to adopt/get adopted by someone in the game. So, be a sensible kid/parent otherwise, you know the consequences right!

adopt me roblox game

As a parent, you need to take care of baby, get him ice cream, drinks, food, and more. Keep this in mind that Parent and Kid can talk with each other via texting mode. That’s quite interesting because both of you can give feedback to each other.

Long story short, it’s similar to running a family, raising kids, maintaining a home, and making some money by doing some tasks. It’s like any other RPG game and some people might find it boring. But still, the game has around 11 Billion visitors, 500K+ daily active users, and 2 Million likes. These numbers speak a lot about the game.

5. MeepCity

MeepCity was originally launched back in 2012 by the developers on their own website. It was an idea that was later brought into the Roblox game called MeepCity. Inside the game, you’ll have a pet, probably known as meep and you can purchase it from the pet store. There are several choices to choose from when purchasing a meep.

meep city roblox game

The map is itself pretty explorable. You can play their mini-games, can visit the pizza and coffee shop. The strange thing about their pizza and coffee stores is that there are no employees there. The Player has to do all the tasks to make some pizzas and coffee. We can count that as a task right! There’s also a fishing activity which is very hard but once you catch a fish, you’ll be rewarded some points.

And the funniest and interesting part of the map, that’s the parties. One can join and host public parties and that’ fun and also the most hated feature of this party. People do strange things inside the parties. There can be up to 30 people in a single party. Play the game to know more about what’s going inside those parties. You’ll be amazed!

6. Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator is for those who love to play racing games. A lot of people are passionate about cars and racing vehicles. Vehicle Simulator game on Roblox provides you different range of vehicles. With racing cars, trucks, tracks, and more, you have all the fun in the game. There’s a unique collection of 55+ vehicles in the game. We’ve considered it one of the best Roblox games because it’s suitable for all age group people who love playing racing car games.

vehicle simulator roblox game

More than 3 million people have added this game as their favorite. Thousands of daily active players and with 500 Million visits, Vehicle Simulator is indeed one of the most remarkable games. It allows up to 30 players in a single room. One can host their private servers to play with their friends.

Land, water, and air vehicles are added into the game to add some more fun. It’s really one of the fun to play games on Roblox when played with friends. Add all your friends into the private server and have all the fun you can have while playing the game.

7. Welcome to Blogburg

One of the life simulations games where you need to take care of your character. Have some food, drinks, chill out with your friends, take a shower and more are the daily activities. We should say that it focuses more on realism and you gotta behave like a real human being inside the map. It costs 25 Robux which is quite cheap for such a great game. If you’re low on Robux, make sure to check Roblox promo codes and offers to get an amazing discount on the Roblox store.

welcome to bloxburg game

Once you launch the game, you can choose a house of your own style and you can spawn into the game. Get inside your house and start performing day to day activities. The character will have his own statistics such as energy, hygiene, and so on. Keep an eye on those stats to survive in the game. Welcome to Bloxburg is a kind of similar game to The Sims.

To make money in the game, one should do jobs in stores as a cashier or any other job title. Fisherman’s job is another cool job one can do to make some money. You can switch between the jobs as often as you want. Read some books to increase your intelligence level. This game has tried to put all the day to day life mechanics into the game.

8. Super Doomspire

The idea is simple, you have to join one of the four-color teams. Red team, blue team, yellow team, or green team. The last team’s tower standing will win the game. This idea looks very simple but the gameplay is very very hard and fun to play. That’s because you and your opponents will have brick battle weapons and all teams will try their best to break the opponent’s tower.

super doomspire gameplay

There are different variations of maps added into the game and that’s quite interesting. Developers have added some extras into the game such as stickers, skins, and more. That won’t add much into the gameplay but it’s still quite remarkable when playing Super Doomspire.

Place the bombs cleverly on your opponent’s tower and try your best to protect your own tower. That’s all about the game, but believe us, it’s more fun than you can ever imagine. Here’s our tip when playing the game: As soon as you’ve spawned, attack your opponent’s tower. That’s all you should focus on to win the game.

9. Roblox Uno

Roblox Uno should be considered by all the people who like to play card games. Now play Uno on Roblox with your friends as Roblox Uno provides all the necessary features for that. Up to 30 players can join the lobby and it’s really fun to play. However, you should have the necessary or basic knowledge of playing the game.

roblox uno game

According to the developers, they’ve coded the cards professionally with over 4000 lines of codes. Prety technical right! With over 87 Million visits and 800K favorites, Roblox Uno is one of the best Uno game on Roblox platform. It gives the same feelings as playing card games with your loved ones at home.

We’ve checked the reactions of famous YouTubers on the game. They’ve found it hilarious and disastrous because the opponents or the people playing with them were very funny. It’s the reason that we’ve considered it the best Roblox game. Because Roblox games should be all about fun and timepass and Roblox Uno is good at it.

10. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces are very realistic about all the weapons available inside the game. It looks like they’ve studied the physics of all the weapons in real life and have tried to give the same feel into the game. With the help of feedback from multiple people, we came to know that the physical, weapons, maps, and gameplay is just awesome.

phantom forces roblox

We can say it’s a healthy blend of CS, Battlefield, and COD. Players are spawned into the map with impressively designed weapons. Arsenal is quite similar to Phantom forces but what we liked the most about Phantom Forces is its collection and working of different weapons.

As a beginner, it’s not easy to get started with the game. Player has to practice with the guns and different maps to win over the enemies. It’s hard to control the recoil and one should have good knowledge about the guns and all the different facts about the gun.


Roblox is a great platform but only when you’re playing the right games. It’s a platform with countless opportunities for both developers and gamers. We’ve tried to highlight some of the very popular and best Roblox games with billions of visitors and millions of gameplay. Most of the games are developed by small scale developers. It’s very awesome to know that such developers can highlight their creativity on Roblox.

Take advantage of all the best Roblox games. Add them to your collection and enjoy them with your friends. Keep this in mind that games on the list are randomly ranked. If you know any awesome game on Roblox, drop it down in the comment section. We’ll happily add it to our list. Share your valuable opinions in the comment section.


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